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Lovers under the night sky by AwkwardDreamer31st Lovers under the night sky :iconawkwarddreamer31st:AwkwardDreamer31st 2 0 Just asking... by AwkwardDreamer31st Just asking... :iconawkwarddreamer31st:AwkwardDreamer31st 2 4
Mature content
Our Love Is God (I.IxHeathers AU) :iconawkwarddreamer31st:AwkwardDreamer31st 0 0
Meme I made for Camila Cuevas by AwkwardDreamer31st Meme I made for Camila Cuevas :iconawkwarddreamer31st:AwkwardDreamer31st 3 0 Who I voted for in BFB 2 by AwkwardDreamer31st Who I voted for in BFB 2 :iconawkwarddreamer31st:AwkwardDreamer31st 4 0 Abstract 2 by AwkwardDreamer31st Abstract 2 :iconawkwarddreamer31st:AwkwardDreamer31st 2 2 Chara and Frisk (Airbrush lighting test) by AwkwardDreamer31st Chara and Frisk (Airbrush lighting test) :iconawkwarddreamer31st:AwkwardDreamer31st 2 0 Cuz why not? by AwkwardDreamer31st Cuz why not? :iconawkwarddreamer31st:AwkwardDreamer31st 1 0 Abstract (Colored Ver.) by AwkwardDreamer31st Abstract (Colored Ver.) :iconawkwarddreamer31st:AwkwardDreamer31st 6 1 Abstract by AwkwardDreamer31st Abstract :iconawkwarddreamer31st:AwkwardDreamer31st 6 0 Weighed Down By The Chains Of Guilt by AwkwardDreamer31st Weighed Down By The Chains Of Guilt :iconawkwarddreamer31st:AwkwardDreamer31st 6 0
10 Years (Love Poem)
I don’t know who will be with me 10 years from today
But I don’t care from their eyes or their hair
I might dream of how they will take my breath away
It won’t matter if their perfume or cologne fills the air
Their skin might be as soft as a rose petal
Their lips would be heaven when they kiss my cheek
I might turn their heart to silk from the covers of metal
It’s music to my ears whenever they speak
I’d faint from the sight as if they’re a god or goddess
I want to give them a big sweet bear hug
Somebody please help me walk away from this love madness
I hope I won’t get embarrassed when my mom finds out we’re love bugs
Guy or girl I don’t care as long as I’m happy
Yes, I know this love poem was very very sappy
:iconawkwarddreamer31st:AwkwardDreamer31st 3 5
Weighed down by the chains of guilt (WIP) by AwkwardDreamer31st Weighed down by the chains of guilt (WIP) :iconawkwarddreamer31st:AwkwardDreamer31st 1 0
Mature content
BFDI+I.IxHeathers Crossover-Candy Store :iconawkwarddreamer31st:AwkwardDreamer31st 0 0
Rainy Day Part 1 (Cuphead Side Stories #1)
Warning: Pure cringe. Make sure that you have bleach with you right now.
Forkington's POV:
I was peacefully reading a book on my velvet colored armchair near the fireplace in my living room. I turned my head to the left as I hear thunder outside. I look at my window and saw that there was going to be a rainstorm. I shivered from the coldness. 'I should probably grab a blanket.' I think to myself as I put my bookmark on where I had left off. I walk to the tall dark brown closet that was near the fireplace. Thank god the base for the fireplace is made of cobblestone or my house would've been a pile of ashes. I open the closet and grabbed a dark grey blanket from one of the shelves. As I close the closet I hear another roar of thunder outside. I wrapped the blanket around me. I smiled to myself as I feel the warmth coming from the blanket. I walked back to the velvet chair and continued reading.
~A Few Minutes Later~
'Finally, I finished it.' I think to myself as I close the book. I heard
:iconawkwarddreamer31st:AwkwardDreamer31st 0 0
Favorite Cuphead Characters
The list will be in most favorite to least favorite. But the characters who are in least favorite does not mean that I hate them. It just means I don't really like them that much.
1. Forkington (Sorry King Dice)
2. King Dice
3. Devil
4. Cuphead
5. Mugman
6. Donut Girl
7. Pirate Girl
8. Cagney Carnation
9. Blind Specter
10. Cala Maria
11. Baroness Von Bon Bon
12. Hilda Berg
13. Beppi The Clown
14. Djimmi The Great
15. Elder Kettle
16. T-Bone
17. The Root Pack
18. Sally Stageplay
19. Dr.Kahl
20. Dr.Kahl's robot
21. Goopy Le Grande
22. Grim Matchstick
23. Werner Werman
24. Rumor Honeybottoms
25. Mangosteem
26. Chips Bettigan
27. Pip and Dot
28. Mr.Wheezy
29. Priouletta
30. The head of the train
31. Legendary Chalice
32. Hopus Pocus
33. Tripsy Troop
34. Phear Lap
35. Captain Brineybeard
36. Blaze Brothers
37. Porkrind
38. Barbershop Quartet
39. Mac
40. Wolfgang
41. Ludwig
42. Quadratus
43. Pacifist Turtle
44. Quint
45. Announcer (I think he's a character idk)
46. Wally Warbles
If I missed
:iconawkwarddreamer31st:AwkwardDreamer31st 2 0



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I'm going to change my main persona's name (the one on my profile picture) to Paraiso. If you didn't know, I gave my main persona my real name which is Janna. I gave her my real name when I made her because at that time I wasn't very good at naming stuff. If you're wondering what Paraiso means, it's Paradise in Filipino, which is the language my family speaks (I don't speak it cuz I didn't learn it as a kid). If you're also wondering why I picked paradise, it's because that's what my name means in Arabic. I wanted to change her name because there was a video of things that you should and should not do in roleplaying. If you didn't know, I love roleplaying, especially in Discord with the online Famethyst (it's a Steven Universe reference). I have this OC named Chris in the roleplay and I ship my persona and Chris together for some reason. (Please don't judge me) When I saw the video, it turns out that you cannot ship your persona with another OC or another persona if they have your real name (well, I think that's what the video said because that's all I remember) so I was like 'Oh god, I should probably change my persona's name since she has my real name AND I ship her with my freaking OC' so it kinda took me a few months to think of one until I thought of a name for her...and today is the day I thought of it.

I just realized how long it took me to explain why I wanted to change my persona's name and how I got the idea lol
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Gravity Falls
Steven Universe
I forgot the rest of the fandoms that I'm in... rip

I like to draw and write. I'm pure trash and the only good art I make is just the random backgrounds that are 1% better than the rest of my stuff, especially my writing! I was also born in the Philippines. (My mom's side of the family is Filipino. They mostly speak Tagalog and they like to eat a lot of food. I'm not sure about my dad's side of the family though because my parents are divorced/separated.)


I'm drinking ice cream milk tea that my mom and her friend got for me. I thought it tasted HORRIBLE but I didn't tell my mom so I continued drinking it. As I was finishing it I nearly threw up because I don't really like tea. I'm done with the drink now hopefully I won't throw up when I try to eat the ice cream because it was in the tea ;-;
I can't stop laughing at this XDDDD
(Warning: Swearing)
Watching Battle For BFDI episode 4 right now! I nearly screamed when I got the notification.
I can't stop laughing at this one funny scene in this Futurama clip
Should I make a Bisexual themed bracelet? I'm out of ideas after I made my over-sized JubyPhonic bracelet earlier.
Should I download Flipaclip? I wanna try to animate since I'm planning to become an animator in the future.
Who remembers the 2014 movie 'Annie'? No one? Okay lemme just... *Crawls into a little hole on the ground with a sign that says 'AwkwardDreamer's home*
Just got back from watching 'A Wrinkle In Time' and oh my god it was amazing. (I cried 3 times while watching it)
Something that happens whenever I search up pictures of my favorite character:

Me: Okay Janna, it's JUST for a drawing. You won't die from cuteness! *Searches up character*

Computer: *Shows a ton of cute fanart of my favorite character*

If anyone wants to know my Discord it's AwkwardDreamer31st #2324
Guys...I have a confession to make...

I made a skin of Justin Bieber from 2010 in a game just so I can sing the lyrics of 'Baby' to troll everyone and see their funny reactions XD
I just realized that I have Pokémon artwork/comics in my favorites and yet I know nothing about the series aside from the Eeveelution and 2 Pokéballs which is the classic red and white Pokéball and the Masterball XD
Note-To-Self: Remember that mom likes to give me guilt trips everytime she talks about school.
Guys, how do I write a story on tapas? I know that people can do novels but idk how they write chapters because I just made the tapas account a few days ago
Hi guys! I got a new phone now. I'll post some of my traditional art soon to make up for posting my terrible writing.


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